Keeping an Eye on Your Vision



"Dr. Rabins and staff again performed their various jobs in an excellent manner, as they always have during my appointments. The treatment from each employee is always outstanding. I can describe the business, employee's attitudes, and concern for each patient with one work - AWESOME!" - Don F.

"Dr. Rabins asked if he could take my blood pressure because of something he spotted on the retina. After doing the test, he found my blood pressure to be at 'stroke level.' With a deep conviction and concern, he asked me to either go to the Emergency Room to have it tested further. Because of Dr. Rabins' thoroughness and concern for his patients, he may have very well saved my life." - David T.

"It's not too often you experience excellent eye care and the greatest glasses I've ever had. Well worth the money spent for the care and service. Been a customer for seven years -- yours forever. Thanks, I'm delighted!" - William H.

"I had the pleasure of having an eye exam recently with Dr. Rabins. He was outstanding and the staff on the floor who worked with me on frames and lenses were also outstanding. Very impressed & happy with the people there!" - Gary M.

"I have been going to Dr. Rabins since March 2010. Before Dr. Rabins, I had problems wearing my glasses. Every afternoon about 1:00 PM, I would have to take off my glasses because my eyes were so tired that they began to hurt. Dr. Rabins discovered that I had dry eyes and figured out exactly what I needed to do. My eyes have never felt better and I can now wear my glasses comfortably all day." - Mark L.

"I love the contacts. I can see the hair on a gnat's [ahem] with them - thanks!" - Charles F

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to get to know you. I have sooooo enjoyed working and learning from you. You are truly blessed in the work that you do. The Lord sure did give you the talents to work with the eyes. Thanks again for everything and I know our lives will pass again someday!" - Dee

Pediatric Vision Care

Pediatric Vision Care

"You can understand how thrilled I am that Kari now can see so well. I am so thankful for Dr. John and his dedication to his patients, his intuitive nature, his extensive knowledge, and his love for what he does that translates into service to his fellow human beings. Dr. Rabins is extremely trustworthy and dedicated." - Teena B.

"If you know me, you know how much I love my kids and how I will become the momma bear if anyone messes with them. Everyone sees in different ways, but there is not much like having clear vision. To give a little back story, last year I had the unfortunate mishap of having our insurance lower the coverage of care. With this change I no longer had the privilege of insured assistance towards a visit to OPTOM~EYES; rather, it was suggested I see a new eye doctor. The new place I visited will remain nameless because of how disorganized they were. It was like one hand not knowing what the other was doing. I was moved from room to room eight times before I saw an eye doctor. He then proceeded to inform me that my eyes have abnormally large nerves and I was at higher risk for Glaucoma. I was immediately made uncomfortable, but I knew this was a bunch of Phooey due to the fact Dr. John had already examined me before and informed me it was just large nerves. As stated, the most important thing to me is my children; Abel was told at his last doctor checkup that he was nearsighted. I was already aware of this as Dr. John had informed me of it at Abel’s early age of two. How often would you really think to take your toddlers and infants to the eye doctor? Well, with how easily he diagnosed my son, I didn’t even hesitate or think twice to take my daughter Naava and she has already been seen. Needless to say, Dr. John is amazing. All this being said, Dr. John is worth paying for out of pocket and outside insurance coverage because he is going to be honest with you and provide his expertise. He is the only one I trust, he is the most thorough eye doctor I have ever met, and I know he will take care of my kids as well as myself. Bottom line -- he is the best, most caring, and God fearing man in the business with a passion for what he does. I am beyond thankful, not only for what he has done for me, but also for my family. Thank you, Dr. John and the team at OPTOM~EYES for taking care of us as your own family. It means the world." - Kellie

Vision Therapy

"As a patient of Dr. Rabins, our son Jeremy has grown in so many ways it is very difficult to put into words the appreciation we have for him. Jeremy began working with Dr. Rabins in 2006, using his Vision Therapy program and today as a 13-year-old boy at the end of seventh grade, he is reading at the 12th grade level. Jeremy will no longer be on an Individual Literacy Program and more importantly, he loves to read. Dr. Rabins worked with other health care professionals and gave us a very clear diagnosis and treatment plan. He was friendly and fun, even when Jeremy was feeling discouraged. He continues to see us once a year and encourage us with his enthusiasm and professionalism. As a family of educators, Dr. Rabins has had to answer a lot of questions about how his program works with school activities and sports. As a public school teacher and mom, I have had opportunities to refer parents to his practice and have never gotten negative feedback. This family practice is warm and receiving and will always allow you to participate in the overall vision health of your family. There are very few times in the day when Jeremy doesn’t have a book in his hand or close by. We are often discussing the current book and it is very obvious that comprehension and confidence are present. We recommend Dr. Rabins and his staff with great confidence." - Scott & Lori S.

"We chose Dr. Rabins for our daughter's vision therapy after consulting with three other optometrists. Our daughter was not doing poorly in school, but we were hopeful that vision therapy might help her reading. As opposed to other therapists' office-based treatment, we liked Dr. Rabins' home-based approach, which not only made the therapy financially feasible but also made parental involvement 'built-in.' We also liked it that Dr. Rabins himself does the therapy rather than an optometry assistant. After only 6 sessions, our daughter's tracking and fusional ranges significantly improved, and most noticeable was the improvement in her reading speed and comprehension, also noted by her classroom teacher. We are very pleased with the significant progress she made in such a short time. We feel it was a combination of our commitment to the home work as well as Dr. Rabins designing the therapy so as to focus on the areas where she might improve most. Her improvement, as Dr. Rabins said, was 'accommodative rather than curative,' but remarkable nonetheless." - Eric & Anne W.

"The results of the initial examination brought to light the serious nature of Stacey’s vision issues. While you assured us that your program would yield positive results, we had our doubts. At first, 12 weeks seemed like a very long time and we had some concerns about Stacey’s commitment to the program. Thankfully, she took an instant liking to you and would have done whatever you asked of her. That made our job so much easier. In fact, we heard many times from Stacey, “when can I go see Dr. Rabins?” She always looked forward to her time with you. You made her sessions not only productive but fun. To Stacey, that meant a lot. The biggest compliment we could give you about your program comes from Stacey herself. One day while doing her therapy she said, “I really don’t want to do this, but I know it’s helping my eyes.” For a 10-year-old to understand and appreciate the benefits of her hard work is a real testament to your vision therapy program! We truly appreciate your commitment to Stacey and helping her with her vision issues. The 12 weeks flew by and the maintenance you gave us is going well. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and Optom-Eyes." - Bill & Laura M.